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Oil Properties: Cinnamon Tree
Scent: Warm spicy, sweet, and like cinnamon

Odor Intensity: Low
Evaporation Rate: Base - Middle Note
Color: Pale to dark yellow

SAFETY: Cinnamon Essential oil can irritate, redden, and even burn sensitive skin so use highly diluted (use at less than 0.5% concentration).   Can cause blisters therefore do not spot treat' with cinnamon. Not to be used during pregnancy or with young children.


The essential oil of cinnamon is a physical and emotional stimulant.  It also affects the libido and is known as an aphrodisiac, as well as an anti-depressant.  Researchers found that just having the aroma in the room reduces drowsiness, irritability, and the pain and frequency of headaches.  In one study, it helped the participants concentrate and perform better on mental work.  The essential oil provides the heat in a warming liniment to relax tight muscles, ease painful joints, relieve menstrual cramps, and increase circulation.  It also increases the action of enzymes that break down food in the body, aiding the metabolic process.  The essential oil fights viral, fungal, and bacterial illnesses and boosts the immune system.

Cinnamon oil can be used for infection of the respiratory tract, rheumatism, arthritis and general pains. It stimulates the glandular system thus easing period pains, and tones the whole body.

Origin of Cinnamon oil:

A native to Indonesia, but cultivated in Sri Lanka and India, the Cinnamon is a tropical rust-colored tree that can grow up to 15 meters (45 feet) but is kept down to 6 feet for commercial reasons.

It has shiny, leathery green leaves, and small, white flowers with oval shaped purple berries.

The bark is pale brown and papery and has thick quills that roll inside one another, and is gathered every 2 years.

The Greek word 'Kinnamon' means tube and pipe and cinnamon oil was used as a temple incense.

The Egyptians used it as a foot massage, as well as a remedy for excessive bile. It was used as an ingredient of mulled wines, love potions and a sedative during birth.

Cinnamon was a important trade commodity between India, China and Egypt.


Steam distilled from the leaf

Chemical composition:

Eugenol, Cinnamaldehyde, Beta Caryophyllene, Linalol, Methyl chavicol. 


Chamomile, Ginger, Nutmeg, Rosemary


 Cinnamon Essential Oil:  15 ml  $5.50  

60 ml  $10.50  

 120 ml  $15.50  



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